Ink-Tober Classic Prompt 15, 16, and 17: Outpost, Rocket, Storm

It’s been a crazy few days, so I have three for ya today. I also have some great news! I start my new job Monday, to say I’m excited is down playing it. I can’t wait for that journey. I’m so ready to have more time for stuff I’m passionate about. I hope you’ve all had a kick ass weekend so far! Lots of love! – ArtsyA

Ink-Tober Classic 2020 Day 11: Disgusting

I went creepy with today’s prompt. I’ve done this 11 days. I just gotta keep on keepin on. I can’t believe I’ve stuck with it! It’s been hard. I know most have been simple but the fact that I’m making myself draw something every day has amazed even me. So, ya know, something to be proud of! Have a good one guys! -ArtsyA

Ink-Tober Classic 2020 Day 7: Fancy

So, not my best work, honestly, its been a long couple of days and I sped through this one as well. Stick with me, things will get better and it will be well worth it. I’m in the process of getting another job that is not only more fulfilling, but it will also allow me the time I want to work on my art. I’m just determined to stick to ink-tober! Happy hump day! Artsy A

Ink-Tober Classic 2020 Day 6: Rodent

So what started as a rat ended up with a squirrel tail. This my not look like much but day six almost didn’t get done. I have errands to do and I have to close at my job tonight. However I sat down for 15 minutes with just one piece of paper and started with pen and this is what came out. I’m just glad I held myself accountable! Happy Tuesday! Hope y’all enjoy! -ArtsyA

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