Peace and Love, with a Bit of Bud

What’s up beautiful people? I hope all is well in the world of you. Life has changed dramatically this past year, and we all need to find happiness in this crazy world. This past year I found that drawing and having some form of creativity was not only fun and enjoyable, but also a relief from negative energy. I hope this picture brings you as much joy as I had making it! Let’s make 2021 the year of love. Spread you love this year, we could all use a little extra. -ArtsyA

Ink-Tober Classic Prompt 15, 16, and 17: Outpost, Rocket, Storm

It’s been a crazy few days, so I have three for ya today. I also have some great news! I start my new job Monday, to say I’m excited is down playing it. I can’t wait for that journey. I’m so ready to have more time for stuff I’m passionate about. I hope you’ve all had a kick ass weekend so far! Lots of love! – ArtsyA

Ink-Tober Classic 2020 Day 11: Disgusting

I went creepy with today’s prompt. I’ve done this 11 days. I just gotta keep on keepin on. I can’t believe I’ve stuck with it! It’s been hard. I know most have been simple but the fact that I’m making myself draw something every day has amazed even me. So, ya know, something to be proud of! Have a good one guys! -ArtsyA

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