The Latest of Blu Boi

I promise y’all…. he isn’t all I draw. Blu Boi is what I use to judge my progression in my skills. I’m able to easily see what I’ve improved on, and what could still use some work…. like shaping of the arms and chest to look more full. (Cough cough) No but -Honestly, this practice has improved my confidence in my work immensely. By comparing them side by side I’m able to see that I have improved, and that I’m capable of growth. That was one hell of a hill to climb. I’m not the best but I’m better than I have ever been! I might not be able to teach you much here… hell I got a lot to learn myself. However, if I can be an inspiration or encouragement for anyone to reach for the stairs then it’s all worth it!

Leave a comment letting me know what you think, if there’s something you would like to see drawn I’ll give it a go! Keep checking in for more my doodles! If you’ve made it this far thank you for reading! -Artsy A

Blu Boi Second attempt August 10, 2020
Blu Boi #3 August 20, 2020

Published by Artsy Arnold

I'm sharing my works and progression of my abilities in an attempt to build a community that is positive. Showing people you don't have to be the best to be proud of your work, I'm far from great, but ya know... Art is made to be shared!

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