New to me: blogs and art

Hey everyone, so this is My first blog post EVER, that being said be prepared for some trial and error.

Blue Boi July 21, 2020

Green Gurl July 21, 2020

The drawings above are characters named “Blu Boi” and “Green Gurl” from the imagination of my boyfriend. Blu Boi was the first drawing of mine in 6 years, then Green Gurl. After a bit of my boyfriend trying to convince me they we good I decided to try and improve myself. That led to a redrawing of Blu Boi. Which has led to this blog. I’m not sure how this will pan out but I hope y’all enjoy!

Published by Artsy Arnold

I'm sharing my works and progression of my abilities in an attempt to build a community that is positive. Showing people you don't have to be the best to be proud of your work, I'm far from great, but ya know... Art is made to be shared!

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